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PayPal is working with PayPal Giving Fund UK, to offer Donate With PayPal, an easy way for PayPal users to find and support good causes. Choose from thousands of registered UK charities, and make a donation quickly and easily from your PayPal account.

PayPal Giving Fund makes giving reliable and easy by:

  • Collecting your donations and passing them on to your chosen charities,
  • Ensuring that all recipient organisations are registered UK charities in good standing,
  • Collecting and passing on Gift Aid.

PayPal Giving Fund also administers the Donate to Charity feature in the PayPal Android App, so you can give to charity on the move.

How much of my donation reaches the charity?

The donations from this website are made to PayPal Giving Fund UK, and regranted to your chosen charity in full, as PayPal covers the associated processing and accounting costs. PayPal Giving Fund also claims Gift Aid on donations once they have been successfully granted to the charity, and passes on the additional funds in full, once they have been secured from HM Revenue and Customs.

How are donations delivered to my chosen charity?

In order to keep costs as low as possible, PayPal Giving Fund aggregates donations and makes a single payout to benefiting charities each month. Any donation you make to charity through Donate with PayPal will be passed on to your chosen charity the following month.

PayPal Giving Fund will use its best efforts to deliver your donation to your chosen charity. On rare occasions, it may not be possible to deliver your donation. For instance, the charity might have closed down, or recently left the Donate With PayPal programme. In these circumstances, PayPal Giving Fund will deliver your donation to a UK registered charity with a mission as similar as possible to your chosen organisation.

PayPal Giving Fund is a registered UK charity (No. 1110538), and also helps to administer eBay for Charity.


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